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Steve has posted a “blogmeme” (a set of questions that’s doing the rounds in the blogosphere and thus influencing lots of people’s thinking across the globe) on his site:

  1. If you were stuck on a desert island with an Internet connection to only one blog, whose would it be?
  2. Which is the blog that makes you laugh the most?
  3. Which blog is most likely to make you cry?
  4. Which blog is most likely to inspire you to part with cash for a CD/DVD?
  5. Which blog is most likely to cause you to change your mind about an issue?
  6. Which blog do you read first in the morning?
  7. Of the blogs you read by people you don’t know, who would you most like to meet?

Hmmnnn… erm…. er…. pass! Some of those are easier than others but most of them will take some looking up and I really ought to stop typing and start practising my bass. Let’s answer the easy ones and perhaps I can come back to the others.

So far, I’m not sure if any blog has persuaded me to part with cash for a CD or DVD. Mind you, Steve’s blog turned me onto Last.FM and I can see that their links to vendors like Amazon.co.uk might lead to some spending as their free streaming radio and database of peer recommended music leads me to some new discoveries. The most important question is whether I’ll remember to go via UShopUGive so that some of my spending ends up supporting worthy causes!

My “top of the morning” blog is also fairly easy. Take a look on the sidebar of my website (bookmarked just in case any kind or deluded souls have decided to subscribe to my RSS feed) and you’ll see a list of the twenty or so blogs that currently sit in my “A list”. Whichever of those has posted something since I last checked will be the first one I read in the morning via the online bloglines aggregator; that’s generally my fourth port of call after checking that my Ubuntu Linux install is up to date, deleting spam (with pop3browser, an Open Source program I’ve actually contributed to) and downloading my email, and checking out the Worship Released forum. There are also another thirty or so blogs I watch so I’ve normally got a good stack of stimulating material to peruse each morning!

I think that’s more than enough answers for now although perhaps the last one can be dealt with quickly as well: I’d love to meet all the people whose work I regularly read. I don’t agree with everything they write and I don’t pretend to give it all careful consideration but I’m very grateful that I regularly get a chance to dip into their conversations and catch ideas that shape and inspire my own thinking and writing.

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