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Chicken Dhansak


Today’s main meal was a Chicken Dhansak, based on the recipe from the Al’s Kitchen YouTube channel. It isn’t dissimilar to his other 30 minute curry recipes but adds red split lentils and pineapple as two ingredients I wouldn’t normally expect to use. I didn’t follow the recipe entirely carefully, relying to some extent on familiarity with Al’s overall technique and making use of the combination of ingredients I had available but it turned out well. I’ve often picked dhansak when I’ve eaten in curry houses but this is certainly one I’ll try again at home in future.

One unexpected pressure (and pleasure) was to have some friends from church round to join us. I didn’t quite get the cooking time down to 30 minutes despite having started preparations yesterday. As well as trying to follow the recipe without taking the time to rewatch the video, I also used other things from the fridge to cook up a side dish (potato, cabbage, broad beans and mushroom with a bit of turmeric) to bulk things out. One particular hold up was realising that, with some additional chicken one of our guests had brought round, I needed to transfer to a different cooking pot partway through!

All in all though, it worked well and, despite everyone being well-fed, we’ve still got some leftovers for tomorrow.

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