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More Beans


I spent some time at the allotment today and, among other labours, harvested some more broad beans. I’d forgotten that I had two different varieties on the left hand side of my enclosed veg area until I was partway through harvesting and noticed the plant labels. Both ‘Red Epicure’ and ‘Bunyards Exhibition’ have a fairly similar growth habit. ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ (on the other side) is more distinct and, although slightly slower to get going was actually ready for harvesting earlier.

You can identify the two types once you start taking them out of the pods – ‘Red Epicure’ has reddish beans which cook to a purple colour rather than green ones that cook to a pale green. This evening I cooked the two varieties I ended up bringing back side by side. Both were tender although that might be because I haven’t waited until the pods were as large as possible to harvest. I think I’d give ‘Red Epicure’ a slight edge on flavour so, next year, I’ll probably look to grow that and a second variety. The second might be ‘Aquadulce’ (still need to do a side by side flavour test) or something else instead.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting to clear enough space to get some of the other waiting plants in although that point is beginning to edge closer.

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