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Plough Sing-around – 10 February 2024


It was a slightly quieter session today although still well attended with plenty going on. That meant I ended up leading on four songs, starting with Wayfaring Stranger. D minor is definitely a better key for me than the A minor I tried it in at the Bluegrass jam last week!

When my turn came round I again, I turned back to a familiar old blues tune, You Got to Move, and then, on my next go it was back to bluegrass repertoire with Will the Circle Be Unbroken. I say bluegrass but I think I probably leaned a bit too much in to funk influences to try it quite like that at a bluegrass session! There were also a couple of tunes to finish the afternoon and I volunteered the well known Folsom Prison Blues before someone else put in a final song.

It happens again on 24 February although, sadly, I’m otherwise engaged that day so probably won’t make it at all.

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