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This week, I’ve had a few days away on the south coast – almost 300 photos to sort through and doubtless a blog post or three to come. One of the things we did was to pop by RHS Wisley both on the way there and the way back. As RHS members, we can get in for free so it was worthwhile even just as a toilet stop, despite the congestion caused by roadworks on Junction 10 of the M25 (we’d have had to pass by in any case), but it was much more beneficial than just that.

Wisley has seen a lot of development since we last had a chance to visit. Some of our favourite features have gone but I think new potential favourites have had a chance to take root. Of particular interest to me was the ‘World Food Garden’ set up in the Hill-top area. I missed the ‘model gardens’ (examples of how to create a garden in a small space) but, as a person with an interest in finding out what edible things can be grown in a UK climate, this more than makes up for it.

I wonder if the fenugreek seeds in the kitchen cupboard might still have the potential of sprouting…

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