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What is switchel? A historic drink popular in the North Eastern United States of America that, like me, you’ve probably never tried before. Apparently it was popular with field labourers and reputed to be highly refreshing. A simple recipe is 500ml water, 25ml cider vinegar, 50g molasses and 2g ginger powder. You whisk it all together and serve cold.

There is the option of adding rum, which I didn’t have on hand. I also found I didn’t have ginger powder so used some of the syrup from a jar of stem ginger instead. The recipe is based on the proportions in the video below and I think it could be tweaked a bit more. I barely noticed the vinegar so that could probably come up in relation to the molasses. In fact, it is the molasses I’d probably reduce in order to bring down the sugar level. I’ll do some more experimenting and see where I get.

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