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Experience Easter 2023


In early 2020, I signed up at church to help with an event called Experience Easter. Originally produced by the Diocese of Gloucester, it involves creating a number of activity stations about the Easter story and inviting local schools to come and use them. For the church, it is a way of sharing something very central to our Christian faith and, for the schools, it probably ticks boxes for both Religious Education and providing an outing, so there is a mutual benefit.

Of course, in 2020, the UK’s first COVID lockdown dropped in late March and I never got to experience it myself. Last year, I enquired about producing an online version as schools were still a bit hesitant about outings (and, to be fair, church volunteers were also feeling cautious) and Gloucester politely refused the request. It ended up being too late to create our own set of online activities so it was shelved for another year.

This time round, although COVID still hasn’t quite gone away, vaccinations mean that it is much less of a concern and so we were able to put the mothballs away and run it again. Finally, then, I’ve had a chance to help out a little and I’m ready if we offer it again next year.

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