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For a long time now, I’ve liked to keep the Open Source vector graphics programme Inkscape installed. However, I’d not used it for a while as it was starting to get a bit flaky on my Macbook (possibly a lag between operating system updates and application updates). I recently installed it on the Windows box though and am pleased to find that it is working well, with a quite a few nifty looking additions that I’ve barely scratched.

You can see the kind of graphics work that I find it invaluable for on the cover image for this Sunday’s service (premieres at 10:30am BST on 25 July):


As I listened the sermon this morning (we record the Tuesday morning service as the basis for Sunday), I started with an entirely different idea. However, as Jenny talked through the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 in John 6, the word ‘feed’ popped into mind. What Inkscape made easy was taking some text and then starting to mess with the design to match the concept I’d sketched out. The reverse pair of E’s with lowered centre bars frame the cross in a way that looks purely graphical until the outer letters fade in – that was another trick, to export a series of images that could be reassembled as an animation.

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