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We’ve got the polytunnel up, we’ve got the cover secured all the way round and we’ve even got a hand-planed bit of wood to add some weight to the bottom of the zip up door. Now we need to get the inside ready for growing.

Polytunnel - Raised Beds Installed
Almost ready to grow

This morning, we took several trips to local DIY stores and came back with bags of peat-free compost and top soil, gravel boards and sundry other items. Sundry other items included a vacuum cleaner for the shed so that I can capture most of the dust generated by tools like the circular saw, which I used to put 45° angles at the ends of the boards so I could join the together (strengthened by pegs made from the offcuts).

That made it a bit of a spendy day but I’m anticipating a good harvest of things like tomatoes, which I set going a couple off weeks ago and we now have ample seedlings germinated of a number of varieties. I put the new beds in and spent quite a while making sure they were level before half filling with home-made compost. Tomorrow I should be able to add a top layer mixed from the bags we bought today and it won’t be that long before we can starting planting the new beds up.

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