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Yesterday, I finally got a delivery I had been waiting for since last month. The Friday before last, Hermes apparently tried to deliver. Not having had advance notice, we were out for a short walk and missed it. Not a problem – the tracking website promised to be back on the next working day.

Is Saturday not a working day for Hermes couriers? Nothing arrived on Saturday or Sunday and I was getting concerned because the tracking page seemed to have frozen on the Friday (as had the app I’d downloaded). Come another miss on Monday, I tried to contact them via their website but only managed to find a chatbot, feeding off the same stuck information. Eventually, I contacted the seller, waited a couple more days as requested, waited a couple more and raised it again.

Finally, the order turned up yesterday. Fortunately it was very well wrapped, as rather than ringing the doorbell (I was in and within easy earshot at the alleged delivery time), the courier decided to throw it blindly over the side gate. Also fortunately, given the snowy conditions, I decided to empty the recycling shortly after finishing lunch and spotted the package on the ground only about fifteen minutes after this so-called delivery. No, I hadn’t left instructions that this was a ‘safe place’…

Some courier services are excellent. For example, DPD seems to have its logistics together, with a good system of reminders and an app that tells me my delivery slot, which slot the driver is presently at and an (accurate) estimated time slot of an hour. Others, like Hermes, are probably paying monkeys with peanuts and deliver a shoddy service.

Note to self – check the carrier a seller uses and boycott if necessary.

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