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A Lot Like Christmas…


For all that I’m not impressed by Governmental planning that has scuppered so many Christmas plans it does strike me that, in some ways, this year is going to be a lot closer to the nativity story than what we would call normal.

A government decree causes chaos. Plans are thrown into disarray and compromises have to be made that wouldn’t normally be countenanced. She’s about to give birth? Well, look, we can’t do much but at least we can put a roof over your head and give somewhere for the baby to rest. Yes, I know it’s what the animals eat out of but we’ll put in some clean straw…

Will we see what God is doing, treasure those things and pass around a message of hope (Luke 2:17-19) or will we grumble and complain, not spotting that the saviour of the world has already come? News of another possible COVID-19 case means I’m taking on another short notice sermon tomorrow morning which is due to be rooted in the passage surrounding that snippet I referred to so plenty of food for thought for me.

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