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Cutting Slots


Today’s main job has been been putting up picture rails – partly to display pictures but also to help secure the wardrobes we have been constructing to the wall. The first job I needed to do was to cut a narrow slot along the top so that picture hooks would have something to get purchase on. Time to get the router out!

It took me ages to rig up a scratch jig with the bits of wood and clamps I had available and the results were less than satisfactory. I realised that, by the time I had applied the clamps, I must have been bending the wood and thus each time I started a new section, it didn’t line up with the previous one. After bodging the job on a couple of pieces, I decided to change tack and secure the router in place, with a simple jig to help me guide the workpiece over the cutter.

Fixing the Router

That turned out to be much better for this job and I was then able to spend the rest of the day getting on with the main bit of the task (all done but I’ll ache tomorrow).

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