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The first Sunday of the month is when my church normally run an All Age Worship service and we’ve decided to put up a slightly longer offering on our YouTube channel to mark it, with a song and a craft activity as well. That’s had one or two complications, getting different videos from people and compiling them together into a result that checks in at the best part of 2GB. I had to do some disk space wrangling but it’s finally in place, ready to premiere (link if you want it – goes live at 10:30am on Sunday).

The last touch I wanted to do was add some bookmarks to the description. For example, people may want to skip the song (for which I reused the ‘Little Light of Mine’ video I put out earlier in the week) or, when they come back, go straight to the craft activity. I’ve seen it done on other videos but couldn’t find the documentation on how to do it.

It turns out that you just have to put in a timestamp and YouTube will convert it automatically. I’d been trying to add a variable to the URL (eg. &t=182s) but it turns out you just need to add, for example, 3:02. I’m not sure if it has to be at the end of the line – I haven’t tested any other location yet – but it has accomplished what I need and marks another step forward in understanding the system.

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