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I mentioned that I got given a copy of the Anglican Lectionary as one of the perks of my worship pastor role at ASTAD. Since then I’ve been working out how I’m going to use it.

Early on, I settled on following the readings for morning prayer. However, unless I carry the lectionary book around with me, I don’t always have it to hand and I’m not in my office (the sensible place to keep it for reference) every morning, so I started transcribing the readings into Google Keep, a note-taking app that I find very useful for keeping jottings available either from laptop, Android mobile or Apple iPad.

Transcribing the daily readings into a tick list was a bit of a chore though (not least because the lectionary doesn’t have a lay-flat binding) and then the experience felt like ticking off a duty rather than a method of soaking in God’s word.

What I’ve arrived at now is a combination of the Lectionary and the plan that first got me through a comprehensive reading of the bible. When I was a student, I attended York Baptist Church for a season and they published weekly goalposts – if you want to read the Bible in a year, you should be this far in the Old Testament and this far in the New Testament by next Sunday. The admixture of targets and freedom in how to reach them fitted me well and so I’m now doing the same thing with the Lectionary readings.

Periodically, I update my Keep tick list with a series of books and chapters. Every ten or so days (or at the end of a book if it comes sooner), I will put a note of when I should have got there. For example, I know that I want to have reached Hebrews 8 by 21 March and I took a stately pace through chapters 1 and 2 this morning, so I’m safely ahead. I’ve also got an Old Testament strand (Exodus 10 by 3 April) and that gives me the freedom to follow up other bits I want to read in the Bible while still keeping me moving forward with an underlying discipline.

Working well so far.

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