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A Change of Tempo


I must try to practise some songs either fast or slow. This morning, I listened back to a scratch recording from Sunday morning’s service. Unfortunately, I’d left the recording level too high, so the overall sound was a bit grating. However, it struck me that I ought to check the tempo of the songs I did and they almost all turned out to be in the range of about 85-95 bpm.

The only exception was the one song in 6/8 time. There, I used the dotted crotchet as the beat unit, which came out slower, although (without the figures in front of me) I’ve a sneaking feeling that the value of a crochet might still have been in the same ballpark.

I think the solution might be to deliberately practise songs at a variety and then, with the volume turned off, use the metronome app on my phone to choose the pulse to tune into.

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