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Snow Way!


We had a memorial service at church this afternoon for a much-loved and recently departed lady. I never had the chance to meet her personally but, in my role of co-ordinating worship, I wasn’t short of volunteers to join the band in order to support the celebration of her life. It went well and then, after the service while I was chatting to a couple of my friends in the music group, we spotted snow.

It will never settle, we concurred… only to be proved wrong a few minutes later when we looked out again and saw nearby roofs blanketed with white.

By the time I left, it was already turning to slush and, mercifully, it seems to have largely cleared up by now. I wasn’t looking forward to the possibility of it persisting and possibly freezing overnight! Will this be the only snow we get before spring properly arrives? I’d be happy if it was but there’s (s)no(w) way I’d be confident in predicting that.

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