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Hunter’s Chicken Stew


I know I’ve been blogging for a while; when I looked back for prior art on writing about this recipe, I realised my pollo alla cacciatora post was from early 2007! I haven’t cooked it so much recently but I’ve cooked it enough that I can create something similar even when I don’t have the original cookbook to hand.

The reason it came out tonight was that some of the guests for dinner had dietary preferences and restrictions – no onions, wheat or green, leafy vegetables and nothing too spicy. Many of my recipes start with onion but this one avoids them altogether. I also normally serve it with bread (wheat!) but mashed potato made an ideal substitute and soaked up the gravy, which was thinner than normal (no flour for thickening).

Different and yet still fairly successful, certainly on flavour and on feeding my guests food they could stomach, while still dishing up healthy home cooking.

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