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This evening I was helping with Overflow, the St Clement’s youth group, and surprised myself by winning the balloon game (each person ties a balloon to each ankle and tries to burst other people’s balloons by stamping on them while keeping their own safe). However, as well as that energetic silliness, we also had an interesting discussion time on the subject of social media.

Dave showed us a clip from the dystopian science fiction show, Black Mirror (season 3, episode 1: Nosedive), set in a world like ours, where social media ratings can have a positive or negative effect on your opportunities. Reading the Wikipedia article linked there, I see it mentions the social credit system that is being rolled out and developed in China. It alls seems frighteningly possible.

The main purpose of the discussion though was not to scare us but to get us thinking about how we interact with various forms of social media and social ratings system, and reminding us not to get fooled into becoming fake, plastic versions of ourselves.

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