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I’m sorry to see that the MyFolia website is scheduled to close down in early August. I’ve been using it to track various gardens since we were in Lewisham and, although my records haven’t been perfectly kept up to date, it has been a brilliant place to try and keep tabs on what comes and goes in the garden and how my harvests have been over time (for example, it is looking like a good year for plums – 4kg of green plum thinnings in June and 4.25kg of ripe plums picked tonight with an estimated 3-4kg still to come).

The site has been pretty quiet for sometime and I’ve mainly used it as a personal garden tracker than for the social aspect. I expect the number of paying users (including me) has shrunk so far that the developers can’t afford the time to keep the site operational and secure.

Ho-hum. Hopefully I can rescue enough data so that, when I roll my own (less pretty but data robust) alternative I’ll have a good back history to work from.

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