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Today has been pretty wet – rain most of the day, some times getting towards torrential. I know it is the first time we’ve had a decent wet day for a while because the water butts at the front had been almost empty for 2-3 weeks (since emptying them out using the semi-buried bin we put in the back garden in mid-May – and that got emptied not long after).

By mid-afternoon, the butts were getting quite full again, so I was able to connect up the hose and fill up the sunken bin, and from there get the other two back garden water bins filled. It runs at a relatively slow pace but that doesn’t matter – it takes little effort and just needs to be checked on every 15 minutes or so to see if water needs transferring out.

We’ve got some more wet weather due over the next few days so, tomorrow, I’ll check to see how well the rain has softened the ground in areas sheltered by a combination of big plants and fences. We should be able to give everything a soaking, making room to catch as much as possible of the precipitated bounty.

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