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Bookcase - Empty and Full
Bookcase – completed

On top of my previous labour, it took most of yesterday and today but the bookcase is finally installed and full of books, even if not yet properly set in order. Frustratingly, the mini shelf at the top is just a bit too close to the ceiling to fit small paperbacks but I’ve got other bits and pieces that could usefully find a home up there. The small paperbacks will be taken care of by the second shelving unit I’ll build to the right above the radiator… but not just yet!

The photo makes it suggest the case bows out at the top but that is just photographic distortion. There are some less than perfect bits of joinery – for example, some of the shelves got cut a little too small – but, overall, it is square and satisfyingly solid.

I’ve certainly learned a lot from the building of it. Putting together a pre-packed bookcase from somewhere like IKEA is a lot faster but this one is custom fitted to the space. I’ve also had to solve numerous conundrums along the way. For example, I discovered that I don’t have the right tools to readily cut lengthways down a board with a distinct grain and the blade is prone to wander off (or, with a jigsaw run along a guide fence, the blade will bend from top to bottom, which is possibly worse. However, I’ve also worked out solutions – although the ideal solution would be a circular saw or table saw, I found that could also do in in a few passes and with a bit more sawdust waste using the router (which has been an invaluable tool in many ways).

Although I might take a short break before the design and build of unit two, I won’t leave it too long as I think I’ve got a bit of the woodworking bug!

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