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A Few Holes


My main activity this weekend has been acquiring and assembling an IKEA wardrobe in the room I grandly call my studio. It still isn’t quite finished but I’m ready for the final straight (mounting the sliding doors that I assembled this afternoon)… and the next step in reordering the room.

Overall, IKEA is a good supplier to have relatively locally (although neither Milton Keynes or Reading is quite on my doorstep). By and large, they produce reasonable (and sometimes excellent) furniture at reasonable (and sometimes excellent) prices.

However, the process hasn’t been without a few holes. Signing into my account took a bit of work. In fact, I ended up setting a new one and now I’m sure the site login code is dodgy. Either they don’t really accept 20 character passwords or their code only works on a narrow range of browsers but I found that part of the experience unimpressive. Searching the site also seems unnecessarily complex; I’d suggest is shows more artificial stupidity than intelligence. I ended up going to purchase and collect the wardrobe – hurrah for having an estate car! – but, since all I did in the store was get someone to type up the order and then pay for it, I should have been able to do all that online and go straight to the warehouse to collect the stuff.

Finally, one of the drawers I built was missing a few of the holes that should have been pre-drilled. Fortunately, it was the fourth of four so it was a small matter to fix with the tools I had available but it would have been dispiriting if it had been the first one I’d tried. Overall then, a few holes in the experience and not all of them in quite the right places.

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