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Muddying the Waters


Guess which blues artist I’ve been doing covers of tonight? Mudslide came round to record a few Muddy Waters tune; we got him set up and then ran a few tracks through my Zoom H1 into Logic 10. I got play sound engineer, which mainly involved pressing record and making a few encouraging noises. Neither of those were particularly challenging – the record button is quite large and the music was sounding great.

My hard work came after he had gone, listening to the results in more detail and then adding a mix of double bass and backing vocals to support what was already in the can. With a couple of FX buses and a bit more tweaking, I was able to get the tracks wrapped up and posted to a playlist on Soundcloud. It’s private for now, I’m afraid- this sharing is more about giving Mudslide a chance to review the results – but watch this space (or listen attentively).

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