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Dry Roasted Peanut Butter


Earlier this week, I found a recipe for peanut butter on Pinterest. It was mainly about putting peanuts (dry roasted – I think that is just a way of adding a bit of extra flavour) in a blender and blending… and blending… and blending. I decided to eschew the suggestion of adding either honey, sugar or salt but watched the progress of the peanuts with interest. First they turned into crumbs but gradually they began to coalesce into a more homogenised paste – I imagine that the oils are released as the peanuts are shattered.

My result wasn’t quite as runny as that shown in the article. Perhaps some honey would have helped or perhaps the author’s dry roasted peanuts weren’t roasted quite as dry as the ones I used. Possibly I should also have blended for longer although it felt like I was at it for more than five minutes. I didn’t want to risk either burning the motor out or cooking the butter through friction. It is tasty though and might be reasonably spreadable (if I don’t consume it all by the spoonful first).

I will definitely try again. I have a feeling it will work out cheaper, particularly since I try to go for the varieties of peanut butter that don’t have sugar and minimise the oil additions, which pushes the price well beyond the equivalent weight of unprocessed peanuts.

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