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Sausages on grill, held up by three wooden blocks

Sausages on BBQ

One of the reasons for picking Tyn Cornel, near Bala in Wales, as our campsite was that it offered use of a firepit. This was a solid affair but didn’t come with a grill to cook on. We had brought our own but it was too small to cover the required area. That represented a problem… or an opportunity to exercise some ingenuity.
As well as the hatchet we take on camping trips, we always carry a small saw with a retractable blade in the car. Its main purpose is to help us deal with ad hoc wood-gathering opportunities but it also gives a tool for impromptu woodworking. I took three of the split logs from the bag of wood we had purchased at the site and cut notches in them. I am not a skilled cabinet maker but my wood butchery skills were adequate and, as you can see from the photo, this created a decent support for the grill.

I had to keep the coals away from the flammable supports but they served well for the two sessions where we needed them. The sausages – chorizo and pork from a local butcher – weren’t bad either.

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