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Muck Transplants


One of the grosser sounding treatments that has been discussed in recent years is faecal transplants. Yes, that is what it sounds like although it apparently has very beneficial results for people suffering problems caused by an unhealthy balance of gut and intestinal bacteria. I was reminded of it when I saw a recent New Scientist article on soil.

Although I didn’t spot them making a direct comparison, apparently there is also work going on to explore how taking soil from a healthy piece of ground can be used to kickstart improvement in waste ground and other more barren soils. I wonder if this could work on a smaller scale? I suspect some of the microscopic populations are quite localised; perhaps I could take a sample of earth from where a plant grows well to where a specimen elsewhere in the garden is struggling? It wouldn’t dealer with broader climatic concerns but might have a positive effect.

I’m now looking for a chance to get out and play in the dirt…

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