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Larkrise and Yellowhammers


Bird sitting on telephone wire


Today Jane and I went for a walk around Larkrise or, at least, around Juniper Hill and Cottisford in north Oxfordshire. These were the villages where Flora Thompson grew up and on which she based her fictional Larkrise.

It was a pleasant area for a gentle walk, relatively flat but with some interesting vistas including a huge stone obelisk with a gold plated tip marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which isn’t yet shown on Google Maps (although Tusmore Park, which it seems to belong to, is on there).

For us though, the highlight was the wildlife we spotted. Hares were haring through the fields, visible as they ran and then with just their black ears sticking up like periscopes when then came to rest. We also saw quite a few yellowheaded birds which we later identified as Yellowhammers. My attempt at rotoscoping – taking a photo with my phone through my spotting scope – wasn’t entirely successful although, if you click to view closer, it is just enough to confirm the ID.

Thumbs up also to the Muddy Duck pub in Hethe, where we stopped on the way back. We didn’t try the food but they kept their Timothy Taylor Landlord bitter in tip-top condition.

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