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Garden Constellations

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Here is the June view of my back garden:

Looking down on the back garden from an upstairs window

Looking Down on the Back Garden – June 2015

Here is last week’s view of the back garden. Particularly notable at the moment are the clusters of flowers, like constellations in green space. In the bottom right you can see that one of our Sea Kale (Crambe cordifolia) is starting to bloom. This plant only produced leaves last year, while its companion in the central bed, glorious in 2014, is now beginning to catch up.

I also love the bursts of Nigella damescena, particularly the strip alongside the pathway just in from the Crambe. We have a mixture of blue and white with graduations in between; the effect is quite mesmerising, especially when walking past at dusk, as the eye can’t quite pin down the colours without stopping to look more closely.

We could do with a bit more red in the colour mix but I think some of that will have arrived by next month’s photo!

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