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It was the middle of July last year when I wrote about kickstarting Codlo, a startup turning to the Kickstarter website to raise funds to produce a relatively inexpensive tool to open up access to sous vide techniques. I put my money down and was delighted when enough other people also chipped in to meet the target. Then there were delays although the company has been very proactive about providing updates. If it was a confidence trick to part the gullible from their money, it was being carried on in much more detail and for much longer than would have been required to fit the purpose.

Finally, today, it arrived. I was out tonight so didn’t have time to do more than test that it was in working order but I’m looking forward to trying it properly later this week. Hmmnnnn…. perhaps eggs done for 13 minutes at 75°C (ala Serious Eats). I can certainly see a whole batch of science cooking in my near future.

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