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For some time now I have been meaning to try a clafoutis. Originally I saw this on the Channel 4 show Cook Yourself Thin as an alternative to a crumble. Instead of mixing fruit with sugar and then topping with a combination of flour, butter and sugar (perhaps enhanced with oats), this French-style recipe calls for a batter of egg, sugar, flour and milk to be poured over fruits placed in a lightly buttered dish.

We had lots of apricots that were getting fairly soft but which were still quite sharp in taste. I followed the proportions for Jamie Oliver’s peach clafoutis and made the batter from 3 tbsp sugar, 3 tbsp flour and 3 large eggs, combined with 450g milk (or 140g  per egg / tsp flour / tsp sugar). I also threw in a dash of brandy, which needed using up as well as some grated nutmeg. This was poured on top of the halved fruit in the dish, dotted with a little more butter and finished with a generous sprinkling of poppy seeds (also in the “needs using up” category) before putting in an over pre-heated to over 200°C.

The result was delicious and was essentially fruit in a sweet, set custard. Making use of the food processor to combine the ingredients of the custard made this very easy to knock up and I think it is a recipe I will return to again. Not only was it an excellent pudding but it seems that it is also relatively healthy and low-calorie, so it wins all round.

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