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Today’s Breakfast of Champions


If not champions, then at least los champiñóns! Today’s breakfast mission was to use up some of the last bits from last week’s veg box before the next one arrives later today. I started with the bag of mushrooms (probably chestnut mushrooms but these things are not labelled by variety), which I sliced into pieces and fried along with the remnants of the aubergine we roasted last night. The mix was seasoned with salt, pepper and a handful of tarragon fresh from the garden and then given a sauce by splashing over cooking sherry, black beer and balsamic vinegar. Once dished onto my plate, I topped the dark, sweet, aromatic mass with a dollop of bright red chilli jam, also sweet but bringing a pungent heat to intertwine with the tarragon’s perfume.

Originally I had planned to bring the mixture together with an egg or two, to make a rich omelette but in the end decided that a sliced up home-made roll would be sufficient and add better contrast. Delicious and now, having had the breakfast, time to go and be a champion!

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