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A Quieter Gig


Yesterday’s Foolish Folk gig was a much quieter affair than the last two. The audience eventually outnumbered the members of the three bands but only by the final set. Perhaps coinciding with Oxford Folk Weekend but not being included in the festival ticket wasn’t such a wise move after all? Never mind as the standard of music was still very enjoyable; with your eyes closed you might have picked up that it was a smaller crowd from the applause but not from the energy and expertise of the performances.

Actually, with eyes closed, you might have appreciated it even more. Mike, our resident sound engineer, was using his new Presonus digital board and (with detailed EQ and other tools for every channel) the sound was very good indeed. I noticed it particularly during Sruiti Project’s set; I am familiar with most of their numbers but could hear a new level of detail. So, a quiet evening but not a wasted one.

BTW, Peter and the Wulf were down to a duo last night as Jill was not available but we made up for the missing violin strings with two extra from each of us (Pete on mandolin for all the songs, so +2 from guitar, and me on six string bass rather than my four string upright). Not quite the same (and we look forward to having her back for the next gig) but a little twist to keep things fresh.

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