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Poor Old Ebenezer


Poor old Scrooge: the star of Dickens’ Christmas Carol and a splendid example of a man who, given an opportunity to review his past, present and future, undergoes a wholesale and lasting change into a model of philanthropy and good cheer yet whose name has passed into the English language as a watchword for miserly behaviour. Bah, humbug!

Humbug is not, however, my reaction to Creation Theatre’s adaptation of the story which we saw with friends at the North Wall Theatre in Oxford last night. The company is small but, with numerous costume changes, fantastic sound, lighting and set and captivating acting and singing, created the magic that we had come to expect from the Tales from King James production we saw them put on last summer.

Alas, that was the last night of the run so it is no good me recommending that you go and see it but you can join me in anticipating their next venture, involved with productions of Hamlet and The Odyssey at Blackwall’s bookshop on Broad Street in March and April this year.

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