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Thumbs Up for Banbury Folk Club


I had a fantastic time on Wednesday night with my gig at Banbury Folk Club. We got there quite early and it felt like a long time was spent faffing around with setting up the PA for the venue (the Mill Arts Centre near the outskirts of Banbury) but once the night was started all was forgiven as it sounded wonderful. We only played a fairly short set but my electric upright sounded gorgeous.

Playing through a PA I often find that I can hardly hear myself (dangerous on a fretless instrument!) or, sometimes, that it is so loud I’m scared of blowing the audience’s ear drums! Neither was the case on Wednesday and all the instruments, including the bass, sounded fantastic. Thumbs up to Banbury Folk Club for achieving a high quality of sound to go with the standard of the playing.

All of us where were on stage on Wednesday were from the Oxford area and you can hear most of again on Saturday at the Coach House on Quarry Road in Headington. We each get slightly longer sets of about half an hour apiece and the event is in aid of Holy Trinity Church, which owns the venue and sits just behind it. Entry is free (there will be a retiring collection) and drinks and nibbles will be provided (bring a bottle).

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