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Lighting Up


A blurry shot of a road junction with oncoming car lights

Evening Lights

The clocks don’t change until Sunday (pushing my commute home into darkness from Monday onwards) but I had to use my bike lights for the first time in a while as I stayed late for a meeting of the new Oxford Hospitals Clinical Application Programmers (*) group. This doesn’t entirely signify overtime as the meeting was informal and held in the venue of the Butchers Arms but, nonetheless, it was still dark when the time came to cycle home.

My front light worked fine but there seems to be a problem with the back light, which failed to work even when I tried brand new batteries on it at home (and not through storing old batteries in it all year, either — I’ve had the lights emptied and the batteries stored separately through the summer). Fortunately my helmet has got an integrated rear light which I have never needed to use before but which seems to have a long-life battery in it otherwise I would have been walking home!

(*) Name awaiting approval by the NAR (National Acronym Register)

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