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Choked Workflow


I still have not quite mastered the challenge of establishing a new digital photography workflow. I have found a strong contender to spearhead the approach, in the form of digiKam (I particularly like the integrated upload to Flickr), but it seems a bit flaky running under Windows. I could look and see if there is a more recent build of the software to use but, because it relies on so many Open Source packages, it ends up as a hefty download in the Windows version and also takes a long time to start.

On balance, it might be  simpler to install Linux on a virtual machine and use that as the place from which I run digiKam. I have been doing this recently to facilitate web development and starting VirtualBox and opening a saved machine seems quicker than firing up digiKam running natively on Windows.

I shall have to see but it will be good if I can get the pipeline flowing again — too many old photos queued up and I become less inclined to compound the problem by going out and taking new pictures.

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