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Into the War Zone

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Work takes me down to London today. I am not sure if the trip will take me past any of the trouble spots that have been flaring up in violence this week but I will be vigilant in watching for signs of danger.

I am surprised how little information there is on the shooting incident which seemed to spark this surge of violent lawlessness across the country. Perhaps that is because, in truth, there is little real link. Someone stealing TVs in Salford isn’t out there because a possibly innocent man (although, as I understand it, at least in a vehicle with an illegal gun) was shot in Tottenham. Anyone who goes out on the streets to take advantage of the unrest is making our society yet more tense and a place where similar trigger-point incidents are more likely.

Hurrah at least for the brigade of citizens who have been turning out with brooms and cups of tea (qv. Twitter and Facebook Users Plan Clean-up). This society hasn’t yet entirely gone to the dogs, despite the efforts of a violent minority.

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