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Double Bloom Day


Two flowers have got their timing right to get me my June Bloom Day badge on the Folia website. The one I had been expecting for a few days was this Cosmos bipinnatus:

White cosmos flower with yellow centre

Cosmos bipinnatus

We were given it last year, shortly after we moved into our new house. I did not note when it flowered but I don’t think it was until sometime in July. I harvested the seeds and got them off to an early start and this morning was the first time the flower has been fully open.

The bonus flower was a bloom on our flax (Linum perenne). I had not noticed these flowers developing; in fact, this one comes from one of the weaker looking plants which is rather overshadowed by a surrounding forest of cornflowers:

Blue flax flower on a green background

Linum perenne

Blooming glorious!


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