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Pick Up the Pieces


I was listening to The Average White Band’s classic funk track, Pick Up the Pieces, earlier this week but that only serves to give me a title for this post. I have made another of my slow-cooker lemon curds (yes, still lemons — experimenting with other flavours is still in my future) but the twist this time was to include some thin slices of lemon rind in the mixture.

The idea was inspired by a comment my Mum made about her favourite curd, with bits in. Having tried it, I am a definite convert. I don’t think I would want to push it all the way to marmalade territory but the occasional slither of finely sliced rind adds both texture and a punctuation of intense extra flavour to the mixture.

Whatever I use as my next main curd ingredient, I think I shall try to remember to pick up the pieces, too.

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