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Roof Garden


Today’s DIY project was building a roof garden. No, not on the roof of our house (too steeply pitched and inaccessible!) but on the roof of the bike store I built earlier this month.

We bought a small herb planter yesterday when visiting a garden centre, which I assembled, reinforced (it is a fairly flimsy affair) and then added a base to. Ideally I would have built it entirely from scrap wood but, not having found anything suitable in the past few weeks, decided it was worth spending a little on the kit – being on special offer, it was probably not much more expensive that the raw materials would have cost at normal retail prices and saved me a bit of sawing to get the basic frame together.

So far, I have only filled one of the four sections. I want to see how it works with drainage. I also need to add some extra reinforcement to the bike store roof before I put too much more weight on it. However, at least it is in place and we can start to use the extra space to put out some salad plants as harvesting begins to catch up with sowing.


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