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I have just indulged myself in a gentle mini-rant on the current DPS Assignment (“Still Life: Flowers“). It boils down to the fact that, if we just wanted flower pictures, we would not have bothered putting “still life” in the title.

Why does that concern me? Partly because, at the end of the contest period, the moderators have to skim through all the posts and pick out potential winners to feature on the site’s blog. Every entry that doesn’t fit is another few seconds added to the time that takes and, on such a busy site, that adds up. However, also I think people are doing themselves a disservice by not reading, re-reading and answering the question. Being more rigourous stretches you and that is the whole point: to exercise your skills and extend your understanding.

Anyway, rant over. I had better make sure I apply the instruction to myself as well, and answer the questions set to me.

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