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Exhausting Day


I took the afternoon off yesterday to get the exhaust on our car fixed. It had been sounding a bit suspicious for a while but, when we took it down on Saturday, it turned out we needed to wait for them to get the replacement bits in (I love my Daihatsu Cuore: highly economical but sometimes it is a pain having a relatively uncommon car).

I’d hoped to get across at the start of the afternoon but the spares hadn’t arrived. Fortunately I was able to fill my time productively (more work in the loft, with no more foot-shaped holes introduced) and the exhaust came in to be fitted at the end of the afternoon. Thumbs up to National on Abingdon Road, who did a good job and got things running again.

By the way, in more general local interest, there is a meeting tonight to save Headington Library (hopefully!) from proposed cuts.

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