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A Glimpse at The Alternative Kitchen Garden


Book cover: The Alternative Kitchen Garden by Emma Cooper

The Alternative Kitchen Garden by Emma Cooper

The advantage of reading a diverse range of blogs on subjects that interest you is that, once in a while, you come across something worth responding to. That was the case when I saw Emma Cooper’s offer of a free copy of her book, The Alternative Kitchen Garden. All that was asked in return was the promise of an honest review and that is something of which I have a reasonable amount of experience.

I was pleased to be accepted for this opportunity and delighted to get home yesterday and find the book waiting for me. So far I have only skimmed through it and first impressions are very good. Illustrated with sumptuous photographs relating to the subject matter, it covers a wide range of topics in a series of bite-sized chunks.

Some are on subjects that I have only too much experience of, like slugs and snails, while others, like Achocha (a relatively obscure but productive member of the same family as cucumbers) are new to me. The experience behind the book comes from Emma’s cultivation of the same type of garden that I aspire to and I think I am going to find it very fertile reading material.

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