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End of Socks


Back at the start of 2008 I announced that I was starting a set of new socks.

New Socks

Friday gave up round about last August but the others have kept going until I put my foot through the heel of Tuesday this morning. It is a large hole and the material is quite threadbare so I think this pair have passed beyond what can reasonably be darned. The other days should last a little longer although I think I am finally at the tail end of the experiment!

Two and half years isn’t bad for a cheap set of socks, and much longer than the year I got out of my first experiment. The important change was that, this time round, I got into the habit of changing my socks when I came in from work. In total the socks have still been worn much more than before but they haven’t been worn, stretched and sweated into to such a point of breaking.

I am not planning on repeating the experiment again. It is a pain having to hunt out the right pair of socks early in the morning if I forgot to lay them out the night before. However, I will keep up the habit of changing my socks in the evening and also darning them. Say the average person throws away ten pairs of socks a year, that works out to a billion socks thrown away in the UK, which would be a substantial pile. Each small reduction can multiply to larger effect.

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