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Today I am working on getting some videos from work (from the Joint Ventures series) up onto our YouTube account. The complication is that the files are too long and so I need to chop them into shorter chunks. However, the tool I have for doing that (iMovie) can’t read the WMV format and FFMpeg, my normal choice for converting between formats, chokes on something about the files.

After some experimentation, I have stumbled across a chain of applications, starting with VLC, which can read and transcode the files albeit with a small glitch – I have to do the video and audio separately and then recombine them in iMovie.

All in all, quite an arduous process. On the other hand, at least I’ve got the tools to get this done and the fact I can put videos up where you (and the rest of the world) can benefit from them is still amazing.

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