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Giving Up — 2010


Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of another season of Lent. Looking back through my blog, it like I did not do anything particular to mark it in 2008 but that I gave up early morning time on the Internet in 2009 and going to bed late in 2007.

Since there is still not a lot of point giving up one of the more common choices, like chocolate or television (I do not have enough of either to make it worthwhile), I have decided to revisit my 2007 plan and try to get early nights in the weeks leading up to Easter. Traditionally Sunday is a feast day where you can take a temporary break from your chosen discipline but, with work the next day, that is definitely one where I will want to get an early night in order that the weekend provides a good week start. Therefore, I’ll let myself have one other night a week to stay up later if required. Otherwise though I’ll be aiming for lights out (and that means no staying up reading in bed either) at 10:30pm each night.

What about you? Have you got a lenten discipline of something you will take up or put down?

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