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One of my housemates is lactose intolerant, which means we have a lot less dairy based foods than Jane and I had been used to. When you start thinking about which recipes have milk or butter or cheese or other things touched with cow-juice, it becomes apparent what a difference this makes.

The other day, I fancied some fudge and looked up a recipe, only to be reminded that it needs milk and butter. Not deterred, I decided to experiment and, last night, got round to attempting lactose free fudge. I based my recipe on the one Nigella Lawson gives in How to be a Domestic Goddess but with 500g of caster sugar balanced with 50g of goats butter and 100ml of soya milk. You boil them together until you can put a drop of mixture in cold water and it starts to hold its shape.

I had wondered if the changed ingredients would affect the flavour but, after tasting, I would say not noticeably. 500g of sugar will cover a multitude of culinary sins!

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