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Tea Sorbet — Follow-up


I mentioned on Sunday that I was pleased with the feast I had presented the night before but then I was too busy or too sick to feel like writing much more. However, I did briefly want to return to the tea sorbet concept.

Served up in small mugs, this made a refreshing dessert after a rich main course. In particular, it met my particular requirement of delighting Steve Bevans, the visiting missiologist we’ve been honoured to have as our guest for the last three months. One of his discoveries during his time here was rooibos tea and the rooibos sorbet was a deliberate attempt to find a way to work this into the meal. I also served an Earl Grey sorbet (the oil of bergamot flavour was delicious in the frozen dish) and a honey and lemon one (my experiment with “normal” tea was okay but tasted over-brewed).

I cannot tell you exactly how much sweetening I used in each as, in the end, I decided to do it by taste. Even changing the liquid / sugar ratio to 2:1 resulted in an overly sweet result. Instead, I just added sugar until I reached a sweetness I thought would work well for dessert (and, with the lemon, largely relied on the honey for sweetness).

I need to do further experiments on whether sugar really does make a difference but the results so far suggest that you get a perfectly decent result just by tasting.

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