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Tea Sorbet


When I experimented with sorbet last month, I wanted to find an opportunity to investigate this class of flavoured ices further. Last night saw the fortuitous coincidence of a spare evening and a new idea — sorbet made with tea.

I boiled up three pans, each with 100ml of water, 50ml of sugar (a 1:1 ratio seemed far too sweet last time) and one of three varieties of tea-bag: normal, rooibos and Earl Grey. Once the sugar had dissolved, I turned off the gas and left them to brew for a while before pouring each solution into a labelled ramekin. After this had cooled, I placed the ramekins in the freezer and then, during the rest of the evening, came back and stirred them several times to create the right texture.

I will give them a proper taste this evening but my initial tests last night suggested that the idea works well.

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