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Jane and I know that our present accommodation is only a temporary measure so we have not bothered to unpack all of our boxes. This may help with further decluttering once we do settle down for a bit longer as it should be easier to give away things that have been out of sight and out of mind for six months. However, it is frustrating when you want something but you don’t know which box it is in.

A case in point was our DVD collection. We had a shelf full put out but it seemed that every time we wanted to watch something it was not there. After hitting the problem for the umpteenth time on Tuesday night I decided to do something about it and started opening boxes.

It took a lot of shifting and sifting but eventually I discovered the box I was after. It wasn’t even the very last box I could have looked in although I was still about 3/4 of the way through. The F-B DVD collection is now complete again and I am looking forward to revisiting favourites like The Fifth Element, The Blues Brothers and the final series of Life on Mars!

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